Who is Harvest Risk Solutions?

Trading Spot (Pty) Limited was established in 2012 to offer financial advisory services to both individual and corporate clients. The company then in 2014 underwent restructuring to increase its capacity to service current clients better and in preparation for future expansion which resulted in the name change to Harvest Risk Solutions.

Motivated by the ever-increasing demand for effective solutions in the financial service industry, Harvest Risk Solutions (Pty) Limited was founded to provide quality financial advisory solutions to both companies and individuals. Through its owners, the company has over eleven (11) years of specialized experience within the financial service industry. Currently, the business looks after over 410 healthcare members. The company is fully accredited by both the Financial Services Board (FSP 44184) and the council for medical aid schemes (Org 3963)

What we do

We are a financial advisory service company that advises and service clients on risk covers, investment products, retirement annuities and healthcare solutions (Medical Aid). All solutions are based on the outcome of the client’s established needs analysis.

Strategy & Vision


We aspire to be an adviser of choice by 2018 while establishing a long-term relationship with our clients.


To be a solution-driven and adding value company, while empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their finances and those of their dependents.


Honesty and integrity form part of everything we do in dealing with our clients.

Business goals & objectives

We aim to be a leader in the market we serve while remaining profitable.

Growth strategy

We identify specific clients and approach them for value-add service.